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The operations of Mineração Morro do Ipê are currently focused on the processing of existing iron ore stocks in Ipê Mine. The expansion project is still in the process of environmental licensing. It is expected to obtain the licenses in mid 2019, and to start the operations in 2021.


Currently, the company has 203 direct employees and more than 150 indirect employees, 85% from the local communities of Igarapé, Brumadinho and São Joaquim de Bicas. The expectation is to create 450 more direct jobs, with priority for hiring local residents, with the operations of the Tico-Tico mine.


Of the four dams in the Morro do Ipê complex, only the Auxiliary B1 is in operation. The structure will no longer be used from April 2019, when it starts to run an iron ore tailings treatment system through a filtering process. The use of this method definitively eliminates the need for dams for tailings disposal. The tailings will be filtered, the water will return to the industrial process through recirculation, and the almost dry tailings (15% moisture) will be stacked safely together with the waste material from the mine. The other dams are inoperative, serving only for storage of dry material.


Morro do Ipê's structures fulfil all national and international norms and laws and were considered stable after a geotechnical research, conducted by external consultants and later endorsed by the State Public Prosecution and the National Mining Agency. Morro do Ipê performs at least two independent audits per year, in addition to regular inspections, that certify the stability conditions of the dams.


Ipê Mine has been operating since May 2017, processing the existing iron ore stocks, in accordance with environmental licenses in force. 

  • Project life: from 2017 to 2020
  • Drainage: Road to the Sarzedo and Serra Azul terminals

In 2017, Morro do Ipê started a new environmental licensing process, with a new environmental impact study, public hearings and all the requirements for the start the operation of Tico-Tico mine in 2021.

  • Project life: from 2021 to 2031
  • Drainage: Road to the Sarzedo and Serra Azul terminal




Mineração Morro do Ipê maintains its operations in a sustainable and responsible way in the communities where it operates. From the beginning of its activities, the company prioritizes the hiring of local labour and suppliers in the region, generating income in the nearby communities.


Mineração Morro do Ipê operates with the best environmental practices in compliance with all technical and legal requirements, in search of efficiency in its processes and reduction of impacts in the surroundings of its operations.


The company maintains a channel for ongoing dialogue open to receive all suggestions that can help in the interferences generated by the operations and answering questions of local residents.


In addition, Mineração Morro do Ipê hold actions of social, cultural, educational and environmental preservation with the purpose of improve the social development of communities and a better quality of life.